Jon Ensign Horsemanship


I discovered clinician Jon Ensign at an equine expo in Brazil. I immediately recognized that he has the qualities necessary in an excellent horseman. The focus, the patience, the softness, the experience, and the empathy necessary for the optimum communication with the horse. — Dr. Robert Miller

"We are both still a little in shock as to what 3 days has produced. As Brian said again last night, Blue is just not the same horse. Of course, I think Brian is not the same handler. They say seeing is believing. We saw, we believe, and we will continue to reap the benefits!! We WILL see you again!!"

Brian and Linda Hanson - Enumclaw, WA

"Jon has changed my view of horsemanship. His clinics and intuition have been invaluable to me. The best advantage of his clinics is that you can work at your own level and pace, with no interference from Jon, only help."

Gail Manchester - Scotland

"This was quite a treat for us. Jon spent a day with us and a few friends sharing his skills. This was the first ride for our 2 year old draft cross filly. She is ready to go now!"

Tom and Denise Peterson - Santa Ynez, CA

"Jon is a true professional. He has studied and worked with horses and with people. I've had the opportunity to take a training class from him, and I was not only impressed with his technique with horses, but also with the horse owners. Gentle, kind, and patient are his technique with horses, but also with the horse owners. Gentle, kind, and patient are words that describe his manner. I've also watched him train colts that have never had human contact, and have been amazed at the speed in which he gains the horse's confidence, and in doing so, works with the animal so that a gentle, easy ride is assured.""Whether a horse needs to be trained or retrained, I would return time and again to Jon for help. There is no such thing as a dumb question in his mind, and for me that says it all.""I've never owned a horse. I am over 55 and I have all the confidence in the world in the training I've received from Jon, and I have confidence knowing what to do with my horse. I am not afraid."

Joellyn Howell - Atlanta, GA

"I have watched Jon grow up and seen his abilities in handling horses grow tremendously. He helped me with 2 Untouched draft cross yearlings riding a colt he had broke that handled the toughest of situations like a seasoned horse".

Jehnet Carlson - DJ Bar Ranch, Montana

"My horse was in training for over a year with several trainers. The answer was always SELL HIM! Now in less than 90 days this is a bomb proof ride.
Jon really has a gift!"

Trish McEwan - Ravensdale, WA

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