Jon Ensign Horsemanship

Ridin' Out DVDThe Jon Ensign Collection

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The titles of the video chapters are:
• The Reward • Catching & Handling • Saddling
• First Ride Gentle • First Ride Difficult 1
• First Ride Difficult 2 • Cues • Bending • Obstacles
• Energy


Ridin' Out DVDRidin' Out with jon ensign


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In this DVD Jon Will Teach You:
• How to catch and handle your horse.
• Execute effective groundwork.
• Some helpful warm-up exercises.
• Hind- and front-quarter control.
• Safe and smooth saddling.
And.... How to ride your horse outside!

Running time 45 minutes.

Jon Ensign Horsemanship DVD

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Colt Starting VideoJon Ensign offers clinics all over the world to riders who want establish a connection and partnership with their horses without using force. With gentle patience, skill, and more than 30 years experience, Jon trains riders to build a working relationship with their horses which comes from a deep understanding of equine thinking, instincts and behavior.

In decades of riding, rodeo, and breaking ranch and cow horses, Jon sensed there was “something better” to be learned about breaking colts and uniting horse and rider as a mutually bene cial team. Studying notable horsemen, Jon developed a method of teaching that has helped thousands of riders improve their horsemanship.

Jon has started many colts for the public that are destined to be ridden in any discipline by novice and seasoned riders. He specializes in getting young horses gentle and ready to be ridden in the challenging Montana terrain.

Jon’s clients include riders committed to re-tuning their horsemanship and those ready to give up on their horses and hang up their reins. Dr. Robert Miller commends Jon Ensign for having “The focus, the patience, the softness, the experience, and the empathy necessary for the optimum communication with the horse.”

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